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The Juicy Joint for Rheumatoid Arthritis
My name is Jill Tague and at thirteen months old, I was diagnosed with Juvenile Pauciarticular Rheumatoid Arthritis. RA is a chronic disease. It does not go away and affects every single aspect of your life. I am about to turn twenty-one and for the first time in my entire life, I am coming to terms with this disease’s longevity. It is forever a part of me, as it plays a major role in your life and all that you do. May this online journal help you gain further understanding of this disease and greater peace within.
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My Journey Through Reactive Arthritis
I discovered that I had Reactive Arthritis when I was 19 years old and living in Brazil. It hit me as a result of food poisoning. I had no idea what was happening to me, I thought I had some sort of crazy tropical disease and I was freaked out. This Web site is my story about the journey through this realitively unknown disease and what I have done to deal with it’s symptoms and everything else it has thrown at me.
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The Adventures of a Snowball in Hell
I’m a middle-aged working wife and mother with rheumatoid arthritis. Wait! Am I middle-aged? At 48, I’m probably past the middle. I’d be surprised I make 96, so I guess I’m…OLD. Hmmm…let’s say post-middle-aged. Yes, that sounds slightly more dignified.
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A Day With Me & Arthritis
So what started as a pain in my finger suddenly started attacking me everywhere.
From my finger pain it went to swelling of hands, then pain in wrists, so bad i felt like i wanted to chop my hands off, i found i was constantly looking grumpy with my arms folded holding my hands tight under each armpit, why??? i don’t know just felt like it was doing some good, bizzare!!! I have learnt that there are a lot of bizzare things that happen with arthritis, i am sure these will be revealed along the way…
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My Search for Health
I decided to start a blog describing my journey from a completely healthy person to a chronically sick person trying to make it back to being a healthy person again. The journey has been long, but infinitely educational. It has strengthened me in ways that I never thought possible.
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  1. Peggy Nichols

    Than you so much. I have had this disease my entire life. I am now 51 years old and I had no idea there was so much suppor out there. Thank you.

  2. Martha

    I have created this blog to share information on dealing with arthritis, inflammatory arthritis, fibromyalgia, concerns, and ideas with others. Also to help find the right resources for everyone a little easier and a little quicker. I hope that you will find information that will be beneficial to you and your family.

    I’ve had symptoms all my life and was always told it was growing pains yea uhuh to that degree? But yes when you hear that as a child you just shut up eventually. A few years ago it got so bad that I couldn’t walk without holding myself upright with my arms and hardly any body weight on my legs. Then doctors finally figured it out with all kinds of tests that I have an inflammatory arthritis but I don’t know which one. It effects all of my joints even my jaw, there are days that I can’t eat because it is to painful. I know there is a lot of support out here but it doesn’t give you a job. I lost my job, I can’t get hired anywhere, I need work the rest I have learned how to deal with on my own. But without a job how will I be able to live and support my family? I won’t even be able to pay rent this month. There needs to be something to help a person find work alongside the support.

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