Chronic Health

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When living with a chronic illness, what does it mean to be “healthy”? This question has stumped me for years. For the longest time my thinking process went a little like this: if I’m going to be sick all the time, why even bother trying to take care of my health? Everything related to health and physical fitness just felt …

Neither Here Nor There

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Most of my readers know that I was born and raised in the United States. After spending most of my early life in Texas (with a short stint in Italy), I lived in New York City for four years (college), followed by Boston for four years (grad school), and then San Francisco for four years (career start). For the past …

Loving With Chronic Illness

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Living in NYC, studying social work, and making time to be Maya: a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, a friend, a writer, an animal lover and a Spondylitis patient. Every day I’m learning to live and love not despite chronic illness, but because of it. Read More:

Enthusiasm For Teaching

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After correcting 714 class work assignments, 306 homework assignments, 204 quizzes, and 306 twelve-page exams, one of my classes came to an end last week. One of the nicest aspects, beyond the actual teaching and getting to know my students, was reading the comments that were left on my evaluation forms. Under “professor’s strengths”, the most frequently listed item was …