Is Somnacontortion A Word?

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Somnambulance. Some people walk in their sleep. Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy has never had this problem, although it seems like he’s started doing something else in his sleep for which there is still no name. I’ve started acting like a contortionist while I sleep. When I wake up, the first thought on my mind is often “What pretzel have you wrapped …

The 2009 Medical Weblog Awards Sponsored by Epocrates

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Fellow RA bloggers RheumaBlog and ∞ itis have been nominated for Best Patient Weblog. Please be sure to visit medGadget and vote today! (You are allowed to vote once a day, so please show as much support as possible to these two individuals who do such a fine job of representing the RA blogging community!)

Pollyanna Penguin

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Real Profiles of Rheumatoid Arthritis Photos © Pollyanna Penguin Name? Pollyanna Penguin a.k.a. Anne but prefer Penguin (or Polly occasionally!) Age? 41 Location? Nearest city is Norwich, Norfolk, UK, although I live in a small town outside Norwich. How long have you lived with RA? Good question. Diagnosed in 2007 but I’m sure I’ve lived with it for longer than …

Milk Bottles

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I think most of us are familiar with the milk bottle carnival game. A number of glass milk bottles are stacked in a pyramid, and players must knock all of the bottles of the platform with the throw of one (or three?) baseballs. Some people claim that this game can be easily rigged, by making one bottle heavier than the …

Sunday Break

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Because there is no such thing as taking too many breaks! ***** Today (January 24) is Alasitas, or festival of the Ekeko. Don’t know what an Ekeko is? “In the mythology and folklore of the Aymara people of the Altiplano, a high plateau region which spans parts of Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, and Argentina, Ekeko is the god of abundance. …