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We Can Rebuild Her, But Don’t Spend A Lot Of Money!
Blogging since April 2009! Rockch1ck writes about rheumatoid arthritis and other topics. (Hat tip to Synovial Syntax!)

Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior’s Log
Blogging since January 2009! “I’m currently a high school English teacher.  I grade papers like I breathe.  I’m also the head coach for the boys’ and girls’ tennis teams.  I continue to coach private lessons at an indoor club year round and run day-long summer tennis camps at various facilities in the area.  Prior to my career shift into teaching, which was sparked knowing that my R.A. would make full-time tennis coaching tough, I also worked in advertising and marketing.  I live in a Chicagoland suburb, keeping me close to my family.  This is helpful as we often need to lean on each other.” (Hat tip to All Flared Up!)